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Adjusting Your Model

When you have loaded your model you can change the size or orientation.

The following steps will explain the basics on how you can adjust your model:

Rotating Your Object


The left icon on the bottom of the 3D interface is the rotation button. When you select and click it, you can rotate the model over its XYZ axis. You see also more functions when you have selected the rotation button.

The top icon’s action, lays your model flat on the surface, to ensure your model is attached to the build plate during printing. The second icon resets the 3D models rotation. By clicking and selecting one of the orientation circles you can adjust the rotation of the model. The rotation degree appears in the number around the model. Holding the SHIFT key when rotating will adjust the model by 15 degrees.

Scaling Your Object


The second left icon on the bottom of the 3D interface is the scaling button. When you select and click it, you can scale the model in the XYZ direction.

The top icon that appears has the function to scale your object to the maximum size for your printer.

The icon above resets the 3D models rotation.

By unlocking the lock you have the possibility to scale the object in each particular dimension.

By selecting and sliding one of the scaling squares you can adjust the uniform scale of the model. The amount of scaling and size dimensions appears in the number next to the model.

Mirroring Your Object


The third left icon on the bottom of the 3D interface is the mirror button.

When you select the mirroring function you can flip your model with the other buttons above in the:

  • X dimension
  • Y dimension
  • Z dimension

Right Click On Your Model

When you select your model and right click on it you will get more functions.

With Delete object you remove your model(s) from 3Dmaker.

Center on platform positions your model in the center of the build plate.

With multiply object you can decide to make more of the selected object. If your number is too much for the amount of space on your build volume, 3Dmaker will adjust automatically to the highest quantity.

There is also a function Split object into parts, this function is used to split a model file which contains multiple parts into separate parts to be printed one at a time. For example, if you downloaded an STL file that contains 4 parts of a puzzle, you can split it into 4 separate parts for printing.

Splitting objects may take a long time. It is highly advised that you split the model in a 3D design program/software.