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Advanced Printer Settings

The advanced settings are usually only changed if you have special requirements that do not match the default settings.

Nozzle size

The size of the hole in the printer nozzle. The CASET 135 comes with a 0.4mm nozzle as a default.

Initial layer thickness

The thickness of the first layer. This first layer is set to 0.3mm by default. A 0.3mm layer gives a thick bottom layer which makes it easy to adhere to the platform and allows for variation.

Cut off bottom

Cut the bottom of the model, this effectively sinks the object into the printer bed. This function is suitable only if the object you are printing does not have a lot of contact area with the printer bed.

Travel speed

The speed at which the print head moves when it is not printing.

The default is set on 100mm/s. But a well calibrated and oiled CASET 135 can go faster and up to 200mm/s.

It is not uncommon for a printer to achieve 150mm/s or 200mm/s travel speed. But if you are seeing shifts in your print then the travel speed might be the cause.

Bottom layer speed

The speed at which the print head moves while it is laying down the first layer. This is done to make the print stick easier.

Infill Speed

The speed at which infill lines are printed. If this is set to zero then same speed is used as for the rest of the print.

A slight loss in outer quality can be expected if you use this to print a fast infill due to changes in nozzle pressure when switching between outside and infill parts.

Enable cooling fan

The cooling fan is usually enabled and greatly improves print quality for PLA.

The choice to enable or disable the cooling fan will depend on filament material.