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Basic settings: Print Temperature & Filament

The print temperature

The default temperature is 207C.

Reducing the temperature to 190C will reduce the amount of strings on the print for PLA.

The recommended temperature is 195C to allow for fluctuations in the nozzle temperature during printing.

A higher temperature would also allow you to print faster.

The filament diameter

The quality of print is dependent on the accuracy of the filament diameter.

The diameter can be set up to 2 decimals of a mm. It is recommended that a digital caliper is used to measure the filament diameter.

The filament available from Avatec has the default diameter of 1.75mm.

A smaller diameter improves the quality of the print results.

The filament flow

This setting relates to the filament extrusion speed. A higher setting will complete the print faster but may decrease print quality. A lower setting will take longer but potentially increase quality.